This event has been created to celebrate the essence of life and that is ‘UNITY IN DIVERSITY"

"All of us have a rainbow of attributes within ourselves and this colourful rainbow unites us in our personalities to create that one shining flame of everlasting sunshine, one spirit that we all seek. That is what we want to see all around us under the one sunshine of Unity in Diversity, with blossoming children. Always celebrating the light and the rainbow at the same time and with the same spirit". - Event Director, Meena Chopra

Friday, October 2, 2009

"If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children."

"If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children."
Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, August 21, 2009

Winners of the CHILDREN'S ART COMPETITION "Unity in Divesity" 2009 - CONGRATULATIONS

List of Winners of the Children’s Art Competition "Unity in Divesity" held at the Grand Spicy Festival ‘Zaika’ at the Harbourfront Centre. On 9th August, 2009Age Group 5 Years to 8 YearsIst Prize : FATIMA POSADAS IInd Prize : SHAY IInd Prize : JENISHA IIIrd Prize : JOEY9 Years to 12 YearsIst Prize : SIDDANTHIInd Prize : KRISTINAIIIrd Prize : ISHA 13 Years to 15 YearsConsolation Prize : SIDRATUN MIAH 4 Years and BelowSpecial Prizes JUDE MAEDAOCEANE AGUAILHANNAH HUANG

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Children know how to express themselves without inhibitions or preconceived notions. This was evident at an art competition “Unity in Diversity” at Civic Centre, Mississauga, held on September 16. Young ones, divided into three age groups ranging from 6 to 15 years, went wildly creative using all sorts of art materials to paint the rich diversity of Canada. Parents, well wishers and visitors enjoyed the wonderful weather and lush surroundings of the
Civic Centre gardens as the participants painted scenes like multi ethnic soccer teams, the globe of the world, colourful flowers and diverse costumes.
Several local artists were also exhibiting their works to inspire the young ones. Amongst them were Sharon Blanchette, Marlene, Kumkum Ramchandani and many others.
The carnival like atmosphere was enjoyed by the judges, Ms Linda Thomas, Executive Director, Mississauga Arts Council, Mr. Fred Troughton, Executive Director, Art Gallery of Mississauga and well known sculptor Mr. Colin Gibson, all of whom were impressed by the imagination shown by the children. Mr. Navdeep Bains, MP, Mississauga Brampton-South, lauded the efforts put in by the organizers Cross Currents Indo Canadian International Arts and the supporters including the Mississauga Arts Council, Art Unit of the City of Mississauga, Learna Education Inc, several sponsors and volunteers.

Choosing the prize winners was a difficult task for the judges given the enormous amount of talent and high quality of work. After much deliberation, the following winners were chosen: Level 3 Kynan deSouza 1st, , Maninie Kanagasooriar 2nd , , Tushar Goel 3rd
Level 2 Sreya Ghosh 1st , Kristen deSouza, Osheen Chibber 3rd, Kyle Blanchette Hon' Mention, Tashana Poblete Hon' Mention, Level 1, Kristina Silvester 1st, Kimberly Dimello 2nd, Abhinav Kargupta 3rd,Shruti Kumar Hon' Mention
The winners will be honoured at a ceremony at 5 pm on October 14 at Gallery Streetsville, where their work will also be on display along with that of all the other participants. Scholarships for the prize winners will be provided by Learna which has 12 established centres across GTA for children.
“We would endeavor to establish this event as an annual event in Mississauga where the children from vibrant social fabric of GTA and Canada would be invited to participate”, said Meena Chopra, President, Cross Currents - Indo Candian International Arts, who is behind the concept and the execution of this event.
- Contributed by Kumkum Ramchandani, a Mississauga based artist & writer


“Unity in Diversity”, an art competition for children, is aimed at showcasing diversity at the grass roots level. The artistic creativity of children will highlight the theme of unity to bring home the message of harmonious existence, the main strength behind Canada’s unique social fabric.

The event, scheduled to be held at City Square, Square One, Mississauga, will start at 10.30 am on Saturday, September 16th. The children will be divided into three age groups, 6-8 years, 9-12 years and 13-15 years. Paper will be supplied but art materials will have to be brought by the contestants. Side by side with the competition, local artists from all backgrounds will be exhibiting their work

Prizes will be awarded for the best work in the children’s competition and judging will be carried out by a distinguished panel of experts. An awards ceremony for the prize winners will be held on October 14 at 5pm at Gallery Streetsville. The prizewinning entries and others will be exhibited at the gallery during the ceremony.

The event, the first of its kind, is the brainchild of Meena Chopra, director of Learna Education Centre and founder of Cross Currents Indo-Canadian International Arts, a non-profit organization. Learna, the main sponsor, is providing scholarships across its 12 centres in the GTA for the winners of the competition. The event is also being launched with the support of the Mississauga Arts Council, the Art Unit of Mississauga City and several other sponsors and volunteers.
Expressing her support, the Honourable Caroline Di Cocco, Minister of Culture, said in a message: “This competition sets a fine example of encouraging citizens of all ages to join together to strengthen the multicultural fabric of Canadian society.”
In another message, Mississauga Mayor, Hazel McCallion, pointed out: “Children in their innocence can achieve anything they want without barriers. They are not blinded by prejudice, colour or gender.”

Also supporting the cause is Omar Alghabra, M.P. Mississauga-Erindale. He affirmed, “Your hard work in developing young artists and celebrating diversity is well appreciated.”
Linda Thomas, executive director of the Mississauga Arts Council lauded the effort. “We live in a world filled with a wondrous diversity of experiences, opinions, physical appearance, cultures, religions. One of the challenges of this age is not only to find a way to live in harmony with people who differ from us, but to celebrate the diversity and learn from it,” she pointed out.
Said Ms Chopra, who is also an artist and poet, “All of us have a rainbow of attributes within ourselves that unite in our personalities to create that one shining flame of everlasting sunshine. One spirit that we all seek. That is how we want to see a blossoming Canada under the sunshine of Unity and Diversity. Always celebrating the light and the rainbow at the same time and with the same spirit.”
“We hope that people turn up in record numbers for the competition. If they do, we would like to make this an annual event,” she added.
For registration contact Meena Chopra 905-507-2579, 905-819-8142. Email:crosscurrents.ca@gmail.com. Registration forms are also available at http://www.learna.com/

_____contributed by Kumkum Ramchandani, freelance artist and writer

Youngsters can celebrate diversity through art http://www.mississauga.com/article/22223

Young artists take part in last year's art competition sponsored by Cross Currents Indo Canadian International Arts. This year's event happens on Sunday at the Heartland Centre. File photo Think you've got a little Pablo Picasso on your hands?If so, you might want to bring the burgeoning artist down to the Heartland Centre this Sunday. Cross Currents Indo Canadian International Arts is hosting an art contest for youngsters at the Heartland Learna Centre, located at 808 Britannia Rd. W.The contest is open to youth aged 5-8, 9-12 and 13-15.Paper for the young artists will be supplied, but other art materials must be supplied by the contestants.The theme for this year's event is festivals."This art competition for children is to celebrate unity in diversity," said Meena Chopra, director of Cross Currents. "(Everyone's) very excited and everybody is helping to bring about the event. Festivities are the best way to bring people together."Prizes will be awarded by a panel of art experts. An awards ceremony for the winners will be held at a later date.In addition, the winners and a select number of other participating artists will have their pieces displayed at the Learna Centre.The event starts at 10 a.m. Cost to participate is $5.For more information, call 905-819-8142 or visit http://www.crosscurrents.ca/.

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